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    Heft / Laine - Issue 6

    Laine Magazine
    Sprache: Englisch

    The issue contains:

    - 140 pages (estimated weight is approx. 445 grams)

    - 12 patterns by a bunch of wonderful designers: Shannon Cook, Jonna Hietala, Joji Locatelli, Hélène Magnusson, Andrea Mowry, Sari Nordlund, Hiroko Payne, Rosa Pomar, Esther Romo, Annie Rowden, Astrid Troland and Emily Wessel

    - a portrait of Nancy Marchant

    - an interview with Hélène Magnússon, the Icelandic Knitter

    - "my story" by Cecilia Lalanne of the 50-year old Manos del Uruguay

    - a Q&A with Kristin Ford of Woolfolk

    - seasonal recipes

    - a travel guide to Reykjavík


    Patterns and yarns used in issue 6

    1. Elfriede shawl
    Shannon Cook
    Cumbria Worsted by The Fibre Company, colourway Catbells.

    2. Virginia sweater
    Jonna Hietala
    Ritual Dyes Priestess DK, colourway Rose Gold.

    3. Sideways cardigan
    Joji Locatelli
    TOV by Woolfolk, colourway 3 T.

    4. Hryggir sweater
    Hélène Magnússon
    Gilitrutt Tvíband by Hélène Magnússon, colourways Hafra Beige and Natural Brown.
    Love Story Einband by Hélène Magnússon, colourways Hafra Beige and Natural Brown.

    5. Vinr socks
    Andrea Mowry
    Tukuwool Sock by Tukuwool, colourway Lehto.

    6. Poet sweater
    Sari Nordlund
    Tukuwool Fingering, colourway 08 Runo.

    7. Sode cardigan
    Hiroko Payne
    Merino Aran by La Bien Aimée, colourways Winterfell and Rust (we have photographed two cardigans).

    8. Arbusto sweater
    Rosa Pomar
    Brusca by Rosa Pomar, colourway 5C.

    9. Vav scarf
    Esther Romo
    Quarry by Brooklyn Tweed, colourway Hematite.

    10. Selenite cardigan
    Annie Rowden
    Pure Shetland DK by Blacker Yarns, colourway Fawn.

    11. Afterparty sweater
    Astrid Troland
    Le Cashmere & Lambswool by Biches & Bûches, colourways Dark Grey and Grey Brown.

    12. Tortoiseshell shawl
    Emily Wessel
    Alpaca Tweed by The Border Mill, colourway Fudge.