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Succaploci Maschenmarkierer


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The Silmuccamerkki stitch markers, are made out of RECYCLED materials. With the set you get four stitch markers. Every marker has engraved Succaplokki logo.

Stitch markers are made out of recycled LEGO blocks and vinyl cord.

Size of the LEGO block is approx. 5/16" x 7/16" = 8mm x 11mm.


Succaplokki is a small business in Paimio, Finland. We make cheerful knitting supplies, mainly from recycled materials. Our knitting supplies either aid you in creating your knitted items or add the finishing touch to them.

Succaplokki’s goal is to bring colour, joy and a fresh look where there used to be none. Our needle gauges are owls and robots. Our knitter’s bags state proudly: ”Knitting is not a crime”. Our stitch markers are shaped like traffic signs.