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Moonshine - Alpaka, Wolle, Seide Mischung / Juniper Moon Farm

Juniper Moon Farm


Zusammensetzung: 40% Wolle / 40% Alpaka / 20% Seide

Pflege: Hand Wäsche

Lauflänge: 100g/180mt, Strang

Maschenprobe: 20M x 28R =10 x 10 cm

Nadelstärke: 4,5 - 5 mm

Hersteller: Juniper Moon Farm, USA

Stärke: Worsted


Juniper Moon Farm's Moonshine casts a spell of softness over your knitting and crochet. This wool/alpaca/silk blend has one ply and a bit of halo, and the finished fabric is more substantial than a typical alpaca or wool yarn. Moonshine comes in a palette of glowing, saturated colors with a subtle marl effect from how the dye penetrates the different fibers. Experience this gorgeous yarn for yourself! Made in Peru.