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    Tema 57 - JUL / Deutsch

    Sandnes Garn

    Auf Norwegisch! Es gibt eine hilfreiche Übersetzungstabelle. 

    We can finally start preparing for Christmas again. There is something truly magical about this time of year. For all of us who love to create and spend our free time knitting, baking and wrapping presents during the weeks leading up to Christmas, it's easy to feel like time just flies by between all the projects. However, let's try to enjoy this time with scented candles, a warm cup of tea and a relaxing knitting project between our hands. In this collection, we felt a bit nostalic dreaming of a traditional Scandinavian Christmas, while also bringing in some new traditions. Here you'll find cable knit and vintage inspiered Christmas decorations. The christmas ornaments remind us of decorations our grandparents used to have. They're so beautifully detailed that the ornament alone would make a great gift for a close friend. We hope you feel inspiered to knit or crochet something special for someone you love or for yourself. We wish you a happy Christmas time!