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Learn how to knit a little animal friend, all in one piece - with Cinthia - 1.6.2024, 14-17 Uhr Samstag

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Ticket Type: Learn how to knit a little animal friend, all in one piece

Im Rahmen Wedding Wool Weekend 2024

Lindower Strasse 18, 13347 Berlin

1.6.2024 - 14-17 Uhr

Learn how to knit a little animal friend, all in one piece, with no seams at all, but a lot of love. 

You would like to knit a little animal but you think it might be too tricky. You’ll discover it’s not !

You like amigurumi but you’re rather into knitting than crochet.

You like the idea of crafting your own toys but you don’t like assembling small pieces. 

This workshop is made for you ! Take the jump, start a little animal during the workshop, and learn everything you need to know to complete it at home, with ease and pleasure.

Offer yourself a little break, a playful digression where you allow your inner child to dream and play. 

You’ll learn how to get started on your little animal, how to shape it with short rows, how to finish its face and breathe life into it. You’ll discover how it is constructed, and the joy of seeing a little woolly friend growing directly on your needles and spreading love and joy around. 

We’ll talk about the yarn to use, the materials for stuffing, and all the tips to sail peacefully throw this kind of knitting project. 

Level : you need to be comfortable with a method to knit small circumferences in the round (small as a the thumb of a mitten for example). It can be magic loop, double pointed needles or flexible double pointed needles such as the Addi Crazy trio. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to have tried and practice a bit one of these methods. You need to have a soft spot for small knitting. 

What to bring

Wool : a yarn of your choice, either 15 g of fingering weight yarn or 15 g of sport weight yarn 

(a yarn between 350 meters & 400 meters per 100 g). 

Knitting needles : depending on your choice of yarn, the needles sizes may vary from 2 mm to 2,75 mm. 

If you choose a fingering weight yarn, go for 2 mm or 2,25 mm (depending on your own knitting tension and your taste for tight knitting). 

If you choose a sport weight yarn, go for 2,5 mm or 2,75 mm.

The idea is to get a tight gauge, a dense fabric, but still comfortable and enjoyable to knit.

Depending on your favorite method to knit small circumferences in the round, these needles will be either a long circular needle, a set of DPNs or a set of three flexible .

A couple of lockable stitch markers such as bulb pins.

Tapestry and embroidery needles, as well as embroidery threads will be at your disposal during the workshop. 

The pattern for the little bunny you’ll knit is included in the workshop.

About Cinthia

Cinthia lives in Nantes with her husband, kids, furry companions and a lot of wolly friends !  

With an aesthetic rooted in her passion for kids literature, she designs knitted animals with an original method that fully reinvigorates the experience of toy knitting and she writes patterns to empower every knitter to make their owns. She’s the author of Mouche and friends, seamless toys to knit and love, published by Laine Publishing. 

Cinthia Vallet on Ravelry


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