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UK 20-28 The Top 64 Pattern Schnittmusterbogen

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Schnittmusterbogen von dem britischen Label Merchant & Mills.

Stoffempfehlung: Leinen

Papierschnitt - Englische Anleitung



This is a multi-size paper pattern including sizes 20 – 28.  

Inspired by the classic fisherman’s top, this feminine version is more than a jumper but less than a jacket.

Skill level; Beginner. All seam allowances are 1.5cm unless stated otherwise and are included in the pattern.

It works well in fabrics as diverse as heavy wool and oilskin. If you want to keep the boxy shape choose something with structure and body, if you use something like linen it will have a softer more slouchy look.

All decorative top stitching is optional.

Fabric pictured in the first two images is Rainbow Denim. Becky is wearing a size 20.

Fabric Requirements (with or without nap) Finished Measurements (cm) UK Sizin
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